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Rate: Excellent

Like best: I found Mr. Brown to be very helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. He was and remains very helpful and we are in constant contact with each other. He has helped me every step of the way...even with additional questions that have came up, even responding to emails outside of normal hours. The training was very thorough and there were many templates and documents to work from and review. This is not a "you don't have to do anything system". The more complex things are done for you, but I continued to research and learn based off of the material that was provided. This is a turnkey system where you can get up a running in a matter of days. I used the Welcome letter that was provided and by the first scheduled training had completed quite a bit on the list in a general sense. I'm very pleased with the partnership and welcome anyone that may want to contact me for additional'll get it straight from me. Just ask Mr. Brown for my contact if you want to check references. I've researched for almost a decade and monitored VSC that's why I am choosing to write this review to help some soul out that may be reviewing and considering VSC.


District of Columbia


Rate- Excellent 

Like best

The one on one training helped tremendously. I had all my initial questions answered and gained a lot of knowledge. I have a lot to learn but feel very confident Robert will help me in every way possible. I am very optimistic about this opportunity. 


Oklahoma City

When I first read about your business opportunity and the various services you offered, for a small one time fee, I was excited yet skeptical, and I wondered what other costs were involved. But, to my surprise, you were honest as no other costs were involved. The best part was that you actually flew out to my hometown and personally taught me the process for each one of the services. The training was very basic and simple, where a person with no financial background could understand it and be up running within a matter of days instead of weeks or months. Plus, there were no additional books to purchase, just hands on training. Probably, the one item that makes this program so successful is the 20 years of experience you bring with it, as well as the insight of how to market and advertise these services, where to look for leads, and the contact and support you continually provide. (There were no additional costs for these services, nor any other monthly costs). And, for anyone who is tired of working for others and being told what to do, this program will definitely give you all the tools you need in order to succeed and improve your quality of life. I appreciate all of your assistance and only wish I had found your program sooner.


Gilbert (Texas)


I would like to extend my gratitude to you for coming to New York and working with me first hand in teaching me all about the mortgage sector. In the two days that you were here, I have learned all about how to market myself to become a successful mortgage consultant. The best part is I am not a mortgage broker; I am part of a bank network that fills out mortgage requests. In the few weeks that I have begun working and only by word of mouth, I have sent over six requests to the bank in less than a month and am working on my first closings. Most of the people that I meet need legitimate help and I am happy to work with them thanks to your help. The best part of this process is that I get PAID. The course that you offer is fantastic and very easy to manage plus the support that you offer is top notch. If I can be of any help to you and anyone else around looking for a referral please feel free to give them my phone number. Thank you again for all your help.

Best Regards,

Claudio (New York)



I have to say that I have truly enjoyed visiting with you today and learning about your career opportunity. I know you don't know me, but I am looking for a career that I can be proud to be associated with and one that actually helps people. Having been in the funeral industry for so long, the one thing that I did enjoy about your career opportunity is that I am helping people and making a difference in their lives. I can see that there are some similarities between the two industries, as funny as that might sound. I think that I would enjoy doing this type of work and I also think that I will be successful, with your help. I have actually been researching new career paths for about 3 months now and I have not felt good about any of the other opportunities until now. I guess that one of the most important things about going into business with someone or being affiliated with a business is TRUST. And I have to say that "I do trust you"!






Since coming on board, I have had so many negative things happen in my personal life, and over the past few months, I have found it very hard to smile. Then recently, I locked the rate on a $250k loan, that I am making 2% on origination, and 2.25% on rebate! On just one loan, I made four times my initial investment! The scary thing is, I could have made more, but I wanted to make sure my client got a good rate, so I made the decision to stay at that rate. I just wanted to say thanks! As I continue to work leads and learn, this process is becoming increasingly simple, and I owe you at least a thank you! Simply put, your program works and I wanted you to know that I appreciate your help! I just wish someone would have introduced me to a program that had opportunities to make my initial investment on one transaction years ago!

Thanks a million my friend!




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